Earn Money From Facebook User Only

Dear Facebook User Only...

Social Network is the Best High and Top Traffic Rank On The net For Now.

When i wasted my time on facebook, now i am using it of for earn free money on the net..

Why you dont try it by your self.. absolutly free ;)

There’s even an application known as Cashcliques that pays you whenever you click an advertisement.

All you have to do is just click on 3 - 10 ads daily.

Every click will earn you five points. At the end of the month, the admin will convert the points to cash based on their advertising revenue. It is from the same program as the normal web version of Cashcliques (Web) which has about 9000 members now.


- if you are a facebook user already and are spending a lot of time inside, there’s no harm in clicking the ads to earn money


- There has been no information on the conversion rate of points for the month of September 2007 and minimum withdrawal amount.

For Illustrate you will earn.


ads will you click (per day) = 10 Click

people will you refer = 10 Peops

ads will your referrals clicks = 10 Ads /days


You will have got $33 / Month

Good enough for me.. i dont know for ya ?! :D

Just Click on banner bellow.. then you will find calculator tools for illustrate your earning month by month..

ok nice to see ya..

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